Alfa Choice Naturals is a company that brands successful products and services in the beauty and health industry and distributes them in the market through professional retail and online stores and through its own website. We seek to introduce exceptionally products to the market with a focus on quality and price.

Alfa Choice Naturals was launched on 2013 in Greece and started cooperations with qualified, accredited and certified producers from the U.K. Producers that meet all the criteria needed to attribute a product as “high quality". Our partners follow the GMP code of manufacturing practice and ISO9001:2000 Quality Accreditation. The facilities used to produce the products soled by Alfa Choice Naturals are FDA and EPA registered and comply with all MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) regulations.

Alfa Choice Naturals, η εταιρεία που λανσάρει επιτυχημένα προϊόντα και υπηρεσίες στο χώρο της ομορφιάς και της υγείας